Community Work

Mid West Music Fest is a 501c3 non-profit and our mission is to promote music and art in the region, creating opportunities for artists, stimulating downtown economic development, and providing diverse educational resources for artists, community members, and children.

Our efforts to support the community include:

Echo of the Bluebird, will help to highlight original songwriters through writer-in-the-round sessions at some of the listening room venues that are associated with Mid West Music Fest. MWMF has always been about focusing on new, up-and-coming artists who are creating original music. We aim to nurture this process, first through these songwriter sessions, and in the future further highlighting the importance of original work by regional artists and planning for ways to help artists sustain their work.

Mental Health. We are in the beginning stages of an initiative to help shine a light on and support mental health for musicians. We are partnering with Sarah Johnson, Mental Health Director of the YMCA to help coordinate activities during the festival weekends in support of artists and their mental health and self-care. We will also work with other regional organizations that are supporting musicians on mental health issues. 

Teen Press. Teen Press, is a student media effort that was inspired by a documentary that was featured at Frozen River Film Festival in 2016. We have worked for the past three years with Cotter High School and Riverway Learning Community in Winona to connect students to musicians for one-of-a-kind interviews. We also plan to add school partners in the La Crosse school district in 2020.

Free activities and student performances. During the festival weekends, we host activities and concerts that are free to the public. These have included performances to help engage kids and their parents, a specific stage for student performers, various performances by bands playing the fest that are open to the public, and films, talks, and art vendors that are all free of charge.

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