Mid West Music Fest

The mission of the MWMF is to promote music and art in the region, creating opportunities for artists, stimulating downtown economic development, and providing diverse educational resources for artists, community members, and children.




Upcoming Events

September 16 thru January 2021 —MWMF Sessions (weekly videos – every Wednesday) See our Facebook page and view the archive on our Youtube page

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MWMF Sessions

Click the link below to access an archive of MWMF Sessions videos:


MWMF Sessions


MWMF At Home Videos

Click any of the links below to access an archive of MWMF at home streams:


Mid West Music Fest Stream





Treedome Stream





Listen    to   our   MWMF AT HOME   Line   up!

Our playlist features artists from the MWMF – AT HOME lineup for 2020

Thank you for donating to save Mid West Music Fest!

Mid West Music Fest is in its 11th year of operation. Through its 501c3 non-profit, almost $500,000 has been directed toward up-and-coming local, regional, and national musicians over the past decade. Through a two-year study in conjunction with Winona State University Economics Department, it was estimated that over 2 million dollars have been directed into the local economies of Winona and La Crosse through attendees of the annual fest.  

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