Mid West Music Fest has partnered with a number or organizations and community partners to provide virtual wellness experiences during MWMF At Home. All activities are free and available for all.


Wellness Schedule


Friday, May 8

2:00 – 2:30pm  |   Virtual Yoga  —  Treedome Stream

2:30 – 3:00pm  |   Dance with Sharon Mansur  —  MWMF Stream


Saturday, May 9

8:45 – 9:15am  |   Mindfulness with Manitou Wellness  —  MWMF Stream 

9:15 – 9:45am  |   Movement for Mental Health  —  Treedome Stream

9:45 – 10:30am  |   Virtual Yoga with Muddy Waters Yoga  —  MWMF Stream

10:30 – 11:00am  |   Dance with Sydney Swanson  —  Treedome Stream


Dissonance: Mental Health & Music

Dissonance is a mental health and recovery support organization focused on supporting the arts and music community. 

Dissonance is pleased to offer support for artists and festival goers during the festival days between the hours of 8am and 11pm. Find Dissonance on Facebook and message them or utilize the contact form at http://www.dissonance.website/getinvolved to request help finding a resource or for general support in the form of a conversation. One of the volunteer board members from Dissonance will respond to you within two hours of your contact. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please dial 911.

Dissonance has a website full of resources and tools for your use. They are also collecting stories through a movement called Create Well and would love your contribution! Looking for a creative-friendly therapist or treatment provider? Dissonance has a Get Help Directory full of them, and many are currently taking new clients via telehealth. Check it out here: http://www.dissonance.website/get-help-directory

Call to Mind

Mental well-being is for everyone. Call to mind is APM | MPR’s Initiative to foster conversations about mental health. All of us experience various levels of mental well-being at different points in our life. Half of us will personally experience at least one mental health condition in our lifetime. Yet, misconceptions and discrimination still harm people with mental health conditions, causing people to suffer in silence, avoid seeking care or restrict access to effective treatment. Now is the time to move forward and address mental health.

View Videowww.calltomindnow.org


FRIDAY MAY 8  |  2:00-2:30pm    

With Palm & Pine’s Kat Soper

Join us for a session of mindful movement, led by owner and instructor Kat Soper of PALM + PINE Yoga in La Crosse and Holmen. All levels are encouraged to participate in this half hour yoga class, meant to get the body and mind flowing. This session will be livestreamed and saved for future viewing.




FRIDAY MAY 8  |  2:30-3:00pm    

With Sharon Mansur

Sharon is a Winona based experimental dance and interdisciplinary artist. She cultivates multi-sensory and immersive experiences rooted in body, imagination, and environment. Her creative practice weaves together movement making, improvisation, visual environments, food, screendance, and site-situated/responsive art. Sharon is also the curator of SHIFT – performance salons, and director of the Cedar Tree Project.

www.mansurdance.com  |  www.cedartreeproject.com



SATURDAY MAY 9  |  9:00-9:30am    

With Manitou Wellness

Join Trish Johnson on Saturday morning for a guided meditation. Life is often busy, overbooked, and hectic for many of us and it is important to make space and time to sit still, rest, digest and refresh. Meditation allows us the opportunity to be aware, open and compassionate with our thoughts, feelings and emotions so that we can generously care for what is needed. Start your MWMF morning with this gentle self-check-in before stepping back into another great day of music and entertainment.



SATURDAY MAY 9  |  9:15-9:45am    

With Jennifer Tebeest

Join Jennifer for some stretching and movement exercises to aid stress and emotional relief.


SATURDAY MAY 9  |  9:45-10:30am    

With Muddy Water’s Alexa Shapiro

Join us for a beautiful morning of mindful movement, led by certified yoga instructor Alexa Shapiro. All levels are encouraged to participate in this yoga calss, meant to get the body and mind flowing. This event will be livestreamed and saved for all to watch.




SATURDAY MAY 9  |  10:30-11:00am    

With Sydney Swanson

Sydney Swanson is a local photographer, dance artist, and arts administrator. She is drawn to site-specific dance making, photography, and film. In her recent work she has been creating short site-specific dance films on her phone that explore location, emotion, and the layering capabilities of iMovie. Sydney has also performed at Mid West Mus Fest many times with the fire and fiber optics flow arts dance company Ignite.


Instagram — @insite_dance @sydswanphotography

Mental Health Minutes

ALL WEEKEND  |  Between Select Set    

With Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is the creative laureate of Winona and also a mental health professional (La Crosse Area Family YMCA) and part of MWMF team helping to guide our mental health and wellness initiative. Catch Sarah’s Mental Health Minutes throughout the fest.



How to Stream the Fest
Mid West Music Fest at Home will be hosting two “stages” simultaneously. One stage hosted on www.midwestmusicfest.org and one on www.treedomemn.com. We recommend opening both the MWMF and Treedome streams — this way you’ll be able to go back and forth between different shows.

The fest will be streaming on Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo. You do not need to use the same platform for both streams.

A schedule of performances is available both in the listener guide and here.

Shortcuts to Stream

Click any of the links below to access a stream:


Mid West Music Fest Stream






Treedome Stream





Watch on TV

There are several different ways that you might cast your stream to a TV or large screen. Google Chromecast in an easy way to get content from your phone, tablet, or computer to a larger screen. Devices like gaming consoles, Roku and Apple TV also have apps for YouTube.

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