Anna Stine • Mpls., MN •  Folk

Anna Stine is an indie folk artist creating music that ponders the trials and triumphs that make us most human. Born in Tennessee to a piano teacher and an avid outdoorsman, Stine’s roots emanate through nature inspired lyricism and meandering melodic runs that boast a soulful authenticity. Likened to the sounds of powerful female artists such as Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Billie Holiday (Mike Pengra, MPR), Stine blends together her love of honest folk songs and haunting jazz melodies to create music that invites audiences to connect to their own stories.

Annie and the Bang BangRochester, MNIndie Rock

Fronted and founded by fight director, songwriter and guitarist Annie Enneking, Annie and the Bang Bang is a Minneapolis rock band. All multi-disciplined artists, they genre hop from dreamy folkpop to late sixties rock to swampy psychedelic blues, crafting musical gems that value energy, animal intelligence, poetry and mischief. 

Bad Posture ClubMpls., MNFolk/Old-time

Bad Posture Club is the tight duo Maren Day and Morgan Kavanagh. Together they craft original music and reinterpret traditional folk songs. Before relocating to the Twin Cities, they grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have been playing music together since 2013. With voices, banjo, and guitar, they invite intimacy and togetherness in song.

Black Market BrassMpls., MNAfro-Funk

Black Market Brass is a Minneapolis-based group performing their own brand of originally composed Afrobeat/Afrofunk music, as well as completing authentic renditions of the classic 1970’s West African sound. Taking their cues from the godfathers, the band draws on complex polyrhythmic percussion, driving bass lines, dizzying guitar interplay, rolling keyboards, and room-commanding brass. The result? An eclectic blend of cool deep funk and driving Afrobeat grooves that will lure you to the dance floor and never let you leave.

Brianna KockaMpls., MNAmericana/Folk

Brianna is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer based out of Minneapolis, MN. She has a broad and diverse musical background, and while each project has had it’s own distinct sound, Kocka is best known for her honesty through songwriting—she believes that music is a form of give and take, that lyrics and melodies are an important part of shared life, and that we use these creative spaces to engage in our humanness together. 

Brothers Burn MountainDuluth, MNRock

The [Brothers Burn Mountain] are a duo of electric guitar and drums playing blues-infused music, like The Black Keys but different. Swirling harmonies are set atop fast rhythms, drums are synced up or pulled perfectly away from guitar riffs–it’s tight but not stiff, locked but not robotic. Seeing them play is definitely a hypnotic treat.

Carlisle Evans Peck & the Lady’s SlippersMpls., MNOrchestral Pop

Carlisle Evans Peck’s music lays out a vivid landscape of human emotion and experience. Traversing terrain as diverse as queerness and ecology, his songs unfold like intricate and heartbreaking mythologies. With the indelible mastery of his band The Lady’s Slippers – an eclectic and shapeshifting mix of strings, choral harmonies, electric guitar, and driving percussion – these sagas swirl and soar with a new expansive, raw power. This music is somewhere between a candlelit night at the theater and an ancient sung-epic – listeners, expect to be transported.

Charlie ParrDuluth, MN •  Country Blues

An easily confused and very shy individual, Charlie Parr has been traveling around singing his songs ever since leaving Austin Minnesota in the 1980’s in search of Spider John Koerner, whom he found about 100 miles north at the Viking Bar one Sunday night. The experience changed his life, made him more or less unemployable, and brings us to now: 13 recordings, 250 shows a year or more, 200,000 miles on a well broke in Kia, and a nasty fear of heights. Resonator fueled folk songs from Duluth Minnesota.

Corpse ReviverMpls., MNFolk

A group of three musicians who like to mostly play music found on the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music. Also known for witty banter.

Coyote KidMpls., MNAlt-Rock

An aggressive story music band that creates large-scale concept albums incorporating narrative and cinematic elements to craft their tales. For fans of Murder by Death, My Chemical Romance, and Gogol Bordello, with a spaghetti-western, Tarantino twist. The Pack runs together. Welcome aboard. 

Dan IsraelMpls., MNRoots/Pop

Dan Israel has never been for the faint of heart. While his tunes overflow with hooks, his lyrics are often downcast to the point of being downright depressing, and his cantankerous, get-off-my-lawn nature gives new meaning to the term “old soul.” “Old soul” nothing – sometimes Dan Israel just sounds like a grumpy old man.

Dr. Bob’s PuppetsWinona, MNPuppeteer

Renown Winona puppeteer Robert “Dr. Bob” Armstrong will be demonstrating his puppets and providing eclectic and unique programming for children of all ages.

Dangerous Fun ShowMpls., MNSide show

The Dangerous Fun Show weaves the story of ancient healers with modern sideshow stunts and humor while inspiring an audience to move beyond fear to a state of mind where anything is possible. Featuring acts of real danger and excitement presented with a focus on humor and fun, the Dangerous Fun Show is ideal for audiences of all ages.

Doug Boodle • Winona, MN

Doug Boodle is a Jelly band based in Winona. Led fearlessly by drummer Ryan Amble. Come to get your noodle boodled.

Druzy RoseMpls., MNDream-pop

Druzy Rose is a seven piece group born in a basement of Minneapolis, Minnesota in November of 2018. Although driven primarily by dreamy lyrics about the life and times of a part time party girl, full time cynic, the band also features high energy performances on alto and tenor saxophone, piano, synth, guitar, bass, production, and drums. Seamlessly combining the genres of bedroom/ dream pop and piano driven indie, Druzy Rose creates music that speaks deeply to the troubled collective human consciousness in a manner that is both charmingly whimsical and brutally raw.

EleganzaMpls., MNRock-n-Roll

Eleganza is anything it wants to be….it has been simmered, stirred, shaked, stewed, suckled, and sucked in by the almighty Rock and Roll!  At this point in their lifespan, they are noted for both being simultaneously wise, and still stupid “veterans” of rock and roll. The band features luminaries of all sorts—Bar Owner, a Hair Stylist, a Game of Thrones Blacksmith, a BBC Peel Sessionaire, and Drummer Extraordinaire!  In the words of Doug Anderson, they’re “smoking and drinking, and God knows what—taking whatever it takes.

 Elle PFMpls., MNAlternative/Indie

Orchestral rock and electronic production come to a head, birthing the cinematic sound of Minneapolis-based band Elle PF. Led by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, & producer Ranelle LaBiche, Elle PF originates music that is both musically lush and lyrically dense, drawing influence from artists such as Bjork, St. Vincent, Owen Pallett, and God Speed! Black Emperor. 

Farewell MilwaukeeMpls., MNFolk/Rock

Mainstays of the Minneapolis music scene since 2008, Farewell Milwaukee embraces the role that their Midwestern towns have played in shaping them artistically, garnering them fans through their authentic lyrics, lush vocal harmonies, and an honest sincerity at live shows. It is because of this, they have gathered accolades from local and national press, landed a song placement on major-network TV, opened for the Lumineers (among others), and are featured on compilations alongside Mumford & Sons, Adele and Amos Lee.

For The Flowers • Winona, MN •  Rock

Straight outta Winona’s late, great Madison elementary come For The Flowers.The trio of Black Jack Liedel (drums), Killer Joe Costello (bass) and Macrae Hip Hopkins (guitar and vocals) will be serving up a generous helping of pop punk with a side of knucklehead rock. Bon appetit.

General B and the WizMpls., MNRock-n-Roll

General B and the Wiz is made up of a few really nice jazz boys who are into some really weird, yet wholesome, stuff. The band connects with you, specifically, by writing songs from the heart and putting on high-energy performances that will melt your face and tickle your senses from the inside out. As collaborative songwriters, General B and the Wiz delivers high-energy music that will keep you laughing, dancing, and rocking to your heart’s content until you eventually die someday. 

Ghostland RadioWinona, MNGypsy Rock

Ghostland Radio is a Winona based group featuring Bryan Crigler (MoonDawg) on guitar and vocals, Ingrid Ogren (The Wide Awakes)on violin, Scott Lochner (The People Brothers Band, MoonDawg, Stanton West) on bass and Noah Glenn Short (Noah Short, Stanton West, Jaybone Bell and Restless Light) on drums and percussion. The music is eclectic and draws from many different genres based in a Bluesy Gypsy Soul Rock Americana setting.

Golpe TierraMadison, WIAfro-Peruvian

The irresistible acoustic groove of Golpe Tierra bases its sound on the philosophy that, when we come together in music and dance to “beat the earth,” we are truly celebrating the act of community. Nick Moran, Juan Tomas Martinez, Tony Barba, and Richard Hildner make up this guerrilla-style ensemble, employing the traditional Afro-Peruvian guitar-bass-cajón set-up. The group embarks on a musical journey throughout Latin-America, flirting with blues, jazz, and shades of soul. This uniquely-presented original and traditional music is sure to get you out of your seat to dance!

Gully BoysMpls., MNGrunge Rock

“Picked to Click” by the Mpls. City Pages in 2018, this power trio continues to live up to its reputation through sweltering live sets and rambunctious, crackling, stage energy.

Honey Hole • Mpls., MN • Blues Rock

I Threw A ChairKansas City, MOPunk Rock

I THREW A CHAIR is THE premiere mid-western act bringing pro wrestling back to punk rock. Created in 2018 at Imagine That! Studios (a crossroads art gallery in Downtown KC providing services for artists with developmental disabilities), the band quickly gained exposure, playing several shows around KC as well as recording a 12″ single straight to acetate. By representing total creative and physical inclusiveness as well as pure positivity within the band’s live shows, I THREW A CHAIR aims to be the highlight of your day, no matter what. 

IgniteWinona, MNDance 

Dance Movement performance by local artists using their bodies and light to create fiber optic magic.

Ilika WardRochester/Mpls.Folk Blues

Ilika Ward is a folk blues duo out of Minnesota, hailing from both Minneapolis and Rochester. Armed with acoustic guitars and sibling-like vocal harmonies, Ilika Ward’s songwriting is one part modern folk, one part throwback to the sounds of the 1960’s folk revival.

Jesse Ray & The Carolina CatfishGrand Rapids, MIGarage Rock

It’s the kind of band that’ll give 21 year-olds and their grandparents a chance to out-dance each other. This band will take full advantage of Elvis-style vocals, splitting harmonica, and a drummer that won’t allow your hips to stop moving. They have performed across the country with Brian Setzer, J.D. Mcpherson, Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, and The Blackfoot Gypsies.

Jillian RaeMpls., MNAmericana/Indie Rock

Violiner. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Eater. Lover. Friend. Effect pedaler. Observer. Journaler. Traveler. Professional thrifter. Reader of books. Hater of screens. Snuggler of animals. Admirer of art. Professional colorer. Mediocre drawer. Decent cooker of things. Coffee drinker. Wine sipper. Person who takes photos of food when it looks pretty. Zumba enthusiast. Lake swimmer. Star gazer. Admirer of large icicles. Appreciator of the odd things in life. Dreamer. 

Karate Chop, SilenceWinona, MNJam Rock

With a keen sense of catchy, dance-friendly music and uncanny chemistry, Karate Chop, Silence leaves everything on the stage and maintains a level of performance energy that’s bound to bring audiences to their level of intensity by the end of the show. 

Katy VernonMpls., MNPop/Folk

Katy Vernon grew up in London, England and has been writing and singing as long as she can remember. Seeking a new way to find her voice led a singer of sad songs to a happy instrument. Katy always poured herself into her lyrics but sometimes found it difficult to share some of her most personal subject matter with an audience. Despite her inclination towards the melancholy, Katy has always been a natural entertainer. Finding that balance of musicality and expression led her to the ukulele. Not simply as a novelty toy or even as an increasingly popular jam band instrument, this little Hawaiian guitar opened up Katy’s songwriting and allowed her to take herself a little less seriously and in turn got her taking her music career a lot more seriously.

Keep for CheapSt. Paul, MNRock-n-Roll

Easy breezy rock and roll out of St. Paul, MN

King PariMpls., MNPsych/Soul

King Pari is a Minneapolis based lo-fi R&B group made up of Cameron Kinghorn (Nooky Jones, Black Market Brass) and Joe Paris Christensen (PHO, Velvet Negroni). The group was formed in the Spring of 2019 after Christensen sent Kinghorn demos recorded on a Tascam 388. The duo started writing together soon afterward, stumbling on a sound that makes a nod to 80s Minneapolis sound and dance music covered in a thick layer of psychedelia. Throughout 2019 King Pari finished their debut EP, produced, engineered, and mixed by Kinghorn and Christensen in Christensen’s bedroom. The EP is set to be released in 2020 accompanied by an animation by Jake Huffcutt.

Kiss The TigerMpls., MNRock-n-Roll

Drawing on influences from Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, and Iggy Pop, Kiss the Tiger “does rock revivalism exceptionally well” (Michael Madden, City Pages). In February of 2017 they were the runner-up in Star Tribune’s ‘Are You Local?’ Best New Band competition. Since then they recorded their EP, “Elliot Park” and released it in November of 2017. Their music video for the song “Starting to See You” off of the EP was named one of Minnesota’s best music videos of 2018 by The Current.

KYMMpls., MNSinger-Songwriter

KYM’s early music tastes were shaped by the CDs in her dad’s 2005 Chevy Tahoe: Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and Norah Jones. She picked up guitar in her early teens, self-taught via a Beatles hits guitar book. As a singer and poet, song-writing was a natural evolution. After years of solo performances, Minneapolis-based KYM has arrived in a new era. Supported by the booty bopping electric bass lines of Drew d’Lakes and a rotating drummer, KYM’s sound is a fun blend of folk, funk and pop. Her lyrics approach personal experience with wit, humor and authenticity.

Land at LastMpls./WinonaAmericana

Land At Last is a duo that combines acoustic and electric guitar, folk and blues, fingerstyle and slide. Consisting of Mike Munson and Jake Ilika, they have released two albums: their debut I Found A Way, and their live album, Live From A Living Room.

Lena ElizabethMpls., MNFolk/Soul

Lena Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter and Minneapolis native writing songs influenced by folk with a voice rooted in the blues. The youngest in a household of musicians, she blends old and new to create a pop sound that is approachable across generations.

Lou ShieldsMadison, WIFolk Blues

Shields continues the tradition of American music with a solo-performance that pulls in styles of days-gone-by. Using his National Resonator Guitar or Banjo accompanied by a unique front porch style of foot percussion and harmonica, he uses his voice as an extension of the past. Lou carries a full sound during live performances while sharing stories, thoughts and experiences with the audience. He has toured throughout the United States and Europe for over 8 years and has released 4 full-length albums and 13 EP’s.

Loud Mouth BrassRochester, MNJazz

With a splash of New Orleans and a pinch of pop music, Loud Mouth Brass has a tasty musical recipe.  While the band’s instrumental arrangements of music spanning the gamut from The Jackson Five to Fall Out Boy will make your feet get the urge to dance,  with several originals in the mix, this brassy band still makes sure to keep things fresh. From the top of its blue sousaphone to the bottom of its thumping bass drum, this band exudes fun.

Luke CallenMpls., MNFolk/Americana

Luke Callen is a hard-driving, finger-style guitar picker originally from the small river town of La Crosse, WI-in the heart of the Driftless region. Pulling from the traditions of American folk, blues, and country music, Luke has one foot in the past and one foot in the here and now. Echoing the voices of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and Townes Van Zandt, Luke crafts songs of people, places, and time in all of its forms.

Lydia Liza and Big CatsMpls., MNIndie

Lydia Liza got her start in the group Bomba de Luz, composed of five Twin Cities highschool musicians, which gathered local acclaim and were launched on to stages with many big acts coming through the Twin Cities. She received a 4-year full ride scholarship to McNally Smith College of music and gathered tutelage under the amazingly stacked faculty. More recently she brought out 2019’s full-length, Of Unsound Mind, taking a brave look at her experiences with sobriety and mental health. Her most recent work includes the EP “Oh Boy” with acclaimed Twin Cities DJ Big Cats.

Mae SimpsonMpls., MNR&B/Rock

Mae Simpson is pure energy and soul. 2019’s Best New Band, according to City Pages readers, Mae hails originally from South Carolina, and has a huge voice and stage presence – drawing comparisons to “Janis Joplin and Ella Fitzgerald, with the rasp of Joan Jett.” Her band helps her showcase a broad collection of original music that refuses to fall neatly into a single genre – blistering funk and dance music, soul and blues — bringing the crowd to their feet every time. 

Main reACTionWinona, MNImrov Comedy

Main reACTion is a youth improvisational theatre group made of Winona area youth. The kids will have you laughing as they perform comedy through improvisational theatre games, making everything up as they go along. Audience participation is encouraged!

Milana ShiraWinona, MNFolk

Local singer/songwriter Milana Shira has been playing music since she was nine finding inspiration from the likes of John Denver and Brandi Carlile.Her love of music inspires her folk/country/pop eclectic style that puts a smile on her audiences faces. When she’s not jamming on her guitar, you’ll find this outdoor lover on the hiking trails or biking along the Mississippi River. This passionate performer will give you a relaxing, yet energetic musical experience.

Miss Myra & the MoonshinersMpls., MNOld-time/Jazz/Blues

Myra Joan “The Boss” Burnette is a threat on every level. Her golden voice will bring you from rock bottom to ecstasy and back while her driving guitar rhythm holds the boys in the band together. If you let her near a piano, you’ll hear virtuosity from ragtime to Lizst. She is known for abandoning the stage to tear up the dance floor, and is a devotee of lindy hop, charleston, and blues. Oh, and she plays clarinet. And composes. Stop it Miss Myra, leave some for the rest of us.

My Grandma’s CardiganRochester, MNIndie Folk

My Grandma’s Cardigan is an indie folk group that came together in the heart of Winona, MN in 2014. What started as a folk duo jamming in a living room, has grown into a great group of friends that love playing music together. Their melodic harmonies and fun upbeat sounds have made their way across Minnesota and Wisconsin, hitting up coffee shops, venues, and festivals.

Natalie FidelerMpls., MNAlt-Pop

Natalie Fideler is a composer and singer-songwriter currently based in Minneapolis, MN. Through the use of colorful harmonies, intricate lyrics, stylistic double-dipping, and cheeky honesty, Fideler seeks to inspire deeper thought and personal reflection via catchy tunes that will leave you dancing and ripping your heart out at the same time.

Nici PeperMN/WIFolk/Americana

Nici Peper is an Americana singer-songwriter based loosely based in the Minnesota/ Wisconsin region. Growing up around gospel music and a family of storytellers, her lyrics reflect the soul and honesty of their influences. Her music exposes a gentle heart- one that writes of love, heartbreak, and dreams. 

People Brothers BandMadison, WIFunk/Soul

Originally hailing out of Madison, Wisconsin, The People Brothers Band (PBB) are a staple of the Midwest’s vibrant music scene. Featuring some of the best vocalists and musicians in the region, the PBB have blossomed into a unique brand of Rhythm and Soul dedicated to uplifting the hearts and minds of its friends and fans. The PBB’s core mission is to bring people together by spreading love through music. Coupled with their energetic live shows and infectious stage presence, they are guaranteed to bring the party.

Queen DreaMpls., MNHip-Hop/Dance

Queen Drea Voice-Loops N Effects creates conceptual soundscapes. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language to her lyrics and compositions, she tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way and likes to involve the audience in conversation as they accompany her on her musical journey.

Rachel HansonMpls., MNFolk/Country

Born and raised in small town Wisconsin, Hanson’s story begins in Barron county, an area known to most as farm & cabin country among the lakes, swamps, tall pines, and rivers of the northern quarter of the state. Hanson’s songs strike a chord somewhere deep in the hearts of all Midwestern-born travelers, teachers, and soul-seekers.


RLGDPPL (Real Good People for long) is a rhythm and blues rooted rock band out of Minneapolis. Like Joe Cocker? Us too. Spoon? Ditto. Bill Withers? Yep. Broken Bells? Uh huh. The Meters? We should get bunk beds.. We play good time moving music that’s loose and colorful and we aim to be familiar but always fresh.

Rogue the Wolf • Winona, MN • Melodic Grunge

Rogue the Wolf is a three-piece rock band best described as melodic grunge; with sounds that range from moody acoustic jams to loud angsty 90’s infused rock. Their gritty songwriting and live performance make this band a unique rock-n-roll experience. 

Saddle SoresMpls., MNClassic Country

Classic Country from the 50s 60s and 70s. If you like your music with a good sense of humor and a little sass, you’ve come to the right place.

Savannah SmithMpls., MNFolk

Savannah Smith’s debut full length album (Leo), is a dark and lush tribute to loss and the ripples it creates. Tucked away in a house built by her great-grandfather Leo, Smith leaned heavily on the solitude of an empty house to hone in a new sound far from her first ukulele laden EP, Leaving Eau Claire. Recorded and produced by Minneapolis’ Brett Bullion, the two created a stormy soundscape for Smith’s earnest words and vocals. The coming together of simple, swelling instrumentation and complex rhythms and samples make an evocative home for Smith’s songs.

Sierra FerrellNashville, TNAmericana/Old-Time

Born from the dark, rich soil of West Virginia, raised in the clear, hop-scented country air, Sierra Ferrell cut her teeth on the rail lines, truck stops, street corners, and dingy, dimly lit listening rooms all across the land, belting out her old-time melodies, a sorcery, drawing her patrons, ever more deeply, into her animated tapestry of forlorn, star-crossed love, of longing, poverty, of suffering and triumph, encompassing that irreconcilable thrum of the human spirit and all the complexities of emotion that come with it.

Solar Suitcase MagikEverywhereParticipatory band

Come one, Come all! But not all at once. Bring your instruments and step right up to experience the Magick Solar Suitcases! SuitCase Musik  is a completely solar powered, live, interactive experience where anyone can help create the next song on the spot! You can help make the next song by playing one of the suitcases, grabbing the microphone, plugging in an instrument of your own or asking a question. 

Space Monkey MafiaSt.Paul, MNSka

A band with a stellar new take on horn-driven, high-powered rock has emerged: Space Monkey Mafia. Their unique blend of crafty horn arrangements, tight vocal harmonies, and catchy songwriting colored by an anti-establishment streak has kept crowds skanking and hollering across 13 states since their inception in 2016. 

Sprig of ThatMpls, MNFolk Fusion

Sprig of That is a folk-fusion trio that combines vibrant Americana, Western classical virtuosity, and world rhythmic textures to form a surprisingly natural acoustic blend. Violinist Isabel Dammann and guitarist Ilan Blanck met at Lawrence University, where they had many opportunities to work together through a variety of ensembles and projects. They met tabla player Krissy Bergmark through a mutual friend and Lawrentian, and when Isabel and Ilan both moved to the Twin Cities, the three decided to collaborate.

Stanton WestStevens Point, WIFolk Rock

Stanton West is an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, playwright, puppeteer, and world traveling troubadour from Wisconsin. 

Steam MachineMpls., MNOld-time/Bluegrass

Steam Machine sits somewhere between the full, round, sounds of American old-time stringband music and the raw drive of early bluegrass. Steam Machine is AJ Srubas- Fiddle, Aaron Tacke- Banjo/Vocals, Rina Rossi-Guitar/Vocals, Nokosee Fields- Bass.

Stoop KidsNashville/New OrleansFunk/Jazz

New Orleans-born quintet, Stoop Kids, has created a psychedelic conglomeration of genres that both honors and reinvents the classic sounds of hip-hop, doo wop, jazz, and surf-rock. Stoop Kids’ impressive touring résumé includes supporting slots for Galactic and St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

SwashbucklerWinona, MNRock

Intergalactic Pirates from the 7th Dimension.

Texas ToastWinona, MNClassic Country

Texas Toast is a brand new band made of Jason Ziebell (Jaybone Bell), Isaac Sammis (Barbaro), and Seamus St. Clair (Sleeping Jesus) – steeped in classic country, these music scene vets will be sure to please.

The Bad ManMpls., MNRock-n-Roll

On dozens of Mpls City Pages “Picked to Click” lists for 2018, The Bad Man champion and unprepared, loud, and rowdy sound, The Bad Man came together in 2016 to dust off the Minneapolis sound. Written in three months, their debut album Aint Clean (2017) pays homage to the classic punk songbook while laying a foundation for the back-alley bounce akin to Madness or The Specials.

The BootleggersWinona, MNAmericana

Band of Southeastern Minnesota musicians that play an eclectic mix. 

The Golden Strings w/ Russell PedersenViroqua/La CrosseOld-time/Bluegrass

Josh Rabie & Tim Foss: Old-time/bluegrass/country music duo from the Driftless area of Wisconsin.

The Lowest PairOlympia, WAFolk/Bluegrass

Kendl Winter, born in Arkansas, moved to Olympia, Washington after high school, drawn to the evergreen forests and the lively and thriving music scene. She put three solo records out on Olympia’s indie label, K Records, and performed in nationally-touring northwest string bands before beginning The Lowest Pair in 2013 with Palmer T. Lee. Palmer built his first banjo when he was 19 from pieces he serendipitously inherited. Shortly after deciding songwriting would be the most effective and enjoyable medium for his musings, he began cutting his teeth fronting Minneapolis string bands and touring the midwest festival circuit, which is where he and Kendl first met, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

The MammothsAustin, TXRock

Back by popular demand, The Mammoths are storming the country with their brand of “grunge-endrix” style of blues rock meets psychedelia. Originally formed in middle school, this quartet is a fireworks display of what can happen when you stay friends and grind that engine on the road for years.

The MediumNashville, TNPsych-Pop

The Nashville four-piece The Medium, have spent the last few years playing live and honing their sound, a kind of psych-pop that draws from the best of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Often showing both their sense of humor and their honest introspection about life and relationships in their music, it’s obvious the band simply likes to have a good time.

The MinksNashville, TNPsych Blues

The Minks are Nashville’s “psychedelic-bloos” band, heavy on the rock and roll. We’re talking low-down, all the way, purse-lipped, eyes-shut, head-whirling kind of rock and roll. The band’s palpable sound has roots in every music fan’s top ten—from Lou to Patti to Creedence to Hank. Mixed with raw, jangly instrumentation and soulful saccharine vocals, it’s as much a throwback as it is an answer to the often overlooked underbelly of Nashville’s rock and roll scene.

The NunneryMpls., MNElectronic/Choral/Looping

The Nunnery is a solo act of Sarah Elstran. Creating melding meditative, lush soundscapes with layered vocal loops and catchy hooks. More of an experience than just a sound, The Nunnery’s somewhat-improvised performances are informed by the spaces in which they occur, and her live shows often incorporate other forms of art such as live visual projections. 

The ShackletonsMpls., MNRock-n-Roll

A striking combination of late 1980s Mpls punk and a jubilant, youthful take on grungy-pop, these three brothers just might make you shout from the roof tops, “I’ve seen the new face of rock-n-roll” 

Three Star RevivalNashville, TNFunk/Soul

Founded in Knoxville, TN, Three Star Revival is serving up a big ol’ helping of southern-fried funk. Meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies, and extended improvisational sections take the listener across a plethora of genres including soul/r&b/jazz/funk and tie it all together through a high energy rock show that will keep you movin’.

Topo and Port of The ChemistWinona, MNElectro-beats/ Hip-Hop

Watching two perfectly compatible friends spending years flirting but never sealing the deal is often heartbreaking. Luckily, the hard-hitting, socially-conscious hip-hop stylings of TOPO asked the silky smooth electro-babble ’n’ beats of Port. of the Chemist on a date (finally). Brilliant lines and rhymes, soothing and sexy synth, we’re so, so happy for them.

Ukester BrownApple Valley, MNFolk

A Minnesota Ukulele player sharing what he learns as he learns it…

VialMpls., MNPunk

VIAL is a Minneapolis-based band of students focused on activism in diversity and inclusion in the music scene. Their punk songs with pop prowesses explore the aspects of looming adulthood and gender dynamics.

VILDMenomonie, WisSynth Pop

I AM VILD, an earth sister, sharing sweet, genuine sounds from the depths of my heart, by the strength of my moon, and through the roots of my soul. ‘All I ask of you, is forever to remember me as loving you.’

Wayne Burgess • Mpls., MN • Roots 

Wayne Burgess and Ben Tapia got together last year and formed Morris Park.  A 3 piece band that hit styles ranging from blues, jazz, folk and country.  They are planning on continuing playing out as a duo staying true to acoustic roots.

Wheel of FortuneWinona, MNIndie Pop

Indie pop band with a soulful kick, fronted by the introspective late-night musings of Harriet Flinsch and backed by Jackson Ramsland’s groovy bass work and Amber Fletcher’s rock ‘n’ roll tendencies on drums.

Winona Little Warriors Drumline • Winona, MN • Percussion

Winona Little Warriors Drumline is a diverse group of kids, ages 6 to 13, who have come together to form a local drum-line group that will perform at different events throughout Winona and surrounding areas.  This is a positive activity that promotes creativity, promotes teamwork, and builds self-confidence in these children. In addition to having this drum-line, we also offer a tutoring program to the children that are a part of this group. 

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